Office: (807)274-0000

Fax:     (807)274-0000


Normal Hours of Operation:

Open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Closed for stat holidays 

​Emergency Service (After Hours):

Call (807)274-0000 and follow the prompts.

The on-call technician will respond to you by phone within 1 hr. If in the unlikely event that the on-call technician does not respond within the hour, try again and send an email to The on-call technician may be on another service call or in an area of poor cell coverage. 

*Please note that work conducted outside normal working hours are subject to overtime rates (1.5 x normal rate). Credit card deposit may be required. Minimum 2 hr charge for emergency service calls. Emergency service calls cancelled, will be subject to a 1 hr charge at the overtime rate. An emergency service call is initiated when the technician is en route.

Request Service

What constitutes an after hours emergency service call? A service call that requires a technician and cannot wait until normal operating hours. Please ensure when enacting an emergency service call that it is truly an emergency. 

Some examples could include: no power, no heat, unsafe electrical conditions, etc.